Saturday-Special: A Break-Up in Ten Ways.

This Writing exercise by Chuck Wendig is a lovely one: describing one thing in ten phrases. It was hard, but I loved it, since it gives the opportunity to create a short story out of it (to my German followers: I wrote it in English, so that everybody participating understands).

Break-Up. Picture: Tots To Teens Magazine 2014

Writing exercise: describe one thing ten ways.

Sorry for any mistakes or weird phrasing – not a native speaker. Here we go.

The Break-Up.

  1. She told me that she wanted to end things between us and my skin began to switch between hot and cold within milliseconds.
  2. My heart sank deep into my chest and I imagined stones dangling on it, because that was what it felt like.
  3. My eyes began to water as I realized that this might have been the last conversation we would ever have, and I blinked because I did not want the tears to roll down my cheeks.
  4. She would cut one end of my life, and I silently compared it to cutting off one of my legs, but maybe it would be even worse to lose her.
  5. I thought that everything inside me was dark, darker than the night and that there would never be any light again; not inside me and nowhere on earth.
  6. Maybe all this was the end of something good, but it might as well be the beginning of something even better, as she told me, but this was not what I then thought of what her walking away from me meant.
  7. My hand ached for the touch of her skin, but I told myself that I no more had the right to get the feeling of it under my fingertips.
  8. My throat seemed corded up and I thought that I could not breathe right.
  9. I tried to swallow, but there only was a gulping sound and suddenly I had the urge to throw up, to get that terrible information of her leaving me out of my head, although I knew that I was acting childishly.
  10. She gave me that look, her look, and then she turned away and all I did was to collapse onto the floor, trying to hold the world together, although it just had been broken down to a million of tiny pieces I wasn’t sure I would ever been able to patch up again.

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