9 Unlikely Reads that Will Make Your Writing Better

Super Post von Literaturagentin Carly Watters über Bücher, die unser Schreiben besser machen – und die keine Schreibratgeber sind!

„This Is Where I Leave You“ habe ich in unserer Lehr-Buch Kategorie auch empfohlen; außerdem sehr empfehlenswert zum Genießen und Lernen, wie ich finde, sind:

„This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage“ von Ann Patchett
„Night Film“ von Marisha Pessl
„Gone Girl“ von Gillian Flynn
„How to Fly a Horse“ von Kevin Ashton
„We Were Liars“ von E. Lockhart

Carly Watters, Literary Agent Blog

There are thousands of „best books for writers“ lists out there. (I’ve written one!) But what about the inspiration that comes from all around us? Not just Bird By Bird (even though everyone should have read this one by now…) but poetry, graphic novels, non fiction etc. Writers always have their eyes and ears open about ideas and jumping off points. Where do your ideas come from?

Here are 9 Unlikely Reads that Will Make Your Writing Better:

1. Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

One of the most important skills a writer can have is to deeply understand the human condition. Everyone we meet in life is going through a personal struggle and so should every character. Tiny Beautiful Things is Cheryl Strayed’s book of advice from her former Dear Sugar column in The Rumpus. This book is profound in its way to relate to people…

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